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Chapter 06

  • Louise Gold

  • Mavis Mayes - Laura Bacon

  • Oli Smart - Folded Feather

  • Bernie the Dinosaur - Hugh Purves

  • Nod At The Fox

 Louise Gold

Louise Gold

Louise has had a very varied career taking in most strands of the entertainment business. As an Actor she has starred in many West End Musicals including Mamma Mia, Mary Poppins, Fiddler on the Roof, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Assassins and Anything Goes. She has played Shakespeare, Chekov etc in the theatre, TV work includes Casualty, The House of Elliot, ‘Allo ‘Allo, Doctors, Film includes Mike Leigh’s Topsy Turvy.

As a puppeteer she was lucky enough to learn with Jim Henson on The Muppet Show as the only British member of The Muppet Show performing team. She joined the Muppet Team in 1977 and has worked on many, many Henson projects ever since including most recently The Furchester Hotel, the Netflix series ‘Dark Crystal Age of Resistance’ and during Lockdown the wonderful GLOP project (Glorious Ladies of Puppetry) She was also one of the original founders of Spitting Image, performing and voicing many characters including the Queen and Nancy Regan. She also guested with Roland Rat.

 Mavis Mayes - Laura Bacon

Mavis Mayes - Laura Bacon

Mavis is an old Suffolk gal in fox puppet format, performed by Laura Bacon who is known for her character Patsy May, a semi finalist character from Britain's Got Talent. Mavis, (who is based on Laura's late grandmother and other Suffolk characters from her childhood) is heard regularly on BBC Suffolk and speaks in a full Suffolk dialect, expressing her views on current affairs, history and biscuits, along with her faithful fellow spinster friend Phyllis, who is heard but never seen.

 Oli Smart - Folded Feather

Oli Smart - Folded Feather

As a puppeteer Oliver has travelled the world performing on stages large and small. On screen he has worked with Disney, Channel 4, Nickelodeon, ITV, Sony Entertainment and within numerous short films and music videos. As an artist Oliver’s form and movement studies have been exhibited in galleries, in the UK and internationally. Oliver is the Director of Folded Feather, an innovative puppet company with an established reputation for the creation of outstanding theatre productions, socially focused communications interface design and high quality on-screen content

 Bernie the Dinosaur - Hugh Purves

Bernie the Dinosaur - Hugh Purves

Bernie the Dinosaur is a triple threat: Singer, Actor, Carnivore. Cheated out of his rightful place as the world's foremost Purple dinosaur he nonetheless brings his 80million years of experience in the Bizz to insinuate himself at the heart of Hollywood's most exclusive circles. Tonight, he shares his (copious) experience in all things love in story and song for all those who'll hear him.

Hugh Purves is a puppeteer and is much less interesting.

 Nod At The Fox

Nod At The Fox

Nod At The Fox combines spoken word, recorded soundscapes and music to create an audio love letter to Reality. It’s hard having to only greet Reality with an elbow bop, but if we get any closer it will break our hearts all over again.

Nod At The Fox is an emerging theatre company founded by Eden Harbudoften using puppetry and audio storytelling. We create ambitious shows where the puppets, lighting, storytelling, and music are all in control of the performers on stage. We love making work that’s detailed, deep listening and also delicate, often using metaphor to express themes. Past work include “Burning Tails” and “PEA” (for adult and family audiences respectively.

Eden graduated from the Curious School of Puppetry in 2019. As a puppeteer, actor and dancer, he has extensive experience in ensemble devised theatre having toured both nationally and internationally to Peru (TRIBE, Temper Theatre) and Ukraine (Maklena, Night Train Theatre). He has recently been the UK representative for UNIMA Russia’s first international puppetry residency programme (Youth in Progress) performing at the “Ryazanskie Smotriny” in Ryazan, Russia (Sept 2019).

Eden is a founding performer of physical theatre company Temper Theatre and has been involved in all shows to date including critically acclaimed ‘TRIBE’, 'Terra Incognita' & 'Nightshifter'.​ He co-founded Fusion Theatre Festival Cambridge, which has since evolved into Cambridge International Arts Festival. Since education he has also performed with Babolin Theatre, Magic2Media, Wild Rumpus & Gomito Productions.​

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